About us

Since our foundation in 1998 we’ve been promoting the products of the leading CNC machine tool manufacturers. We’ve also been developing and delivering various automation systems thus providing professional answer to all metal manufacturing needs. We offer a wide range of Korean (DN Solutions) and Japanese (Murata, Tsugami, Enshu, Takamaz, OKK) turning centers, vertical and horizontal machining centers and multi – tasking machines. We supply the right solution – whether you are a small job shop or a major automotive industry supplier.

Over the past 20 years we’ve delivered more than 1200 CNC machines on our market. We are continuously showcasing a variety of machines and unique automation and robotic solutions in our new showroom located in BITEP Industrial Park in Budaörs.

Our extensive experience, highly trained engineers and the number of machines delivered and installed in our market guarantees that our solutions provide real value to our customers. Our engineers join the consultations during the sales negotiations thus ensuring that we find the optimal solution for our customers in terms of technology, time and efficiency. By providing time study, clamping, production technological and metrological assistance we help you find the best equipment for the job.

In recent years there has been a marked interest in automated and digitalized production processes due to the increased demand of control and efficiency in the industry. We answer these needs by providing robot integrated machines, complete automated cells and by developing our own production control software.

As one of the leading machine tool distributors in Hungary we know the importance of full technological support during the whole life cycle of the equipment. Therefore we provide wide range of spare parts and accessories to all our machines.

Our own service team provides installation, technological support and training to all machines delivered by us. To optimize machine down time our service and spare parts divisions can be reached 24/7 via our service hotline or our client portal. We ensure quick response time and efficient diagnosis/trouble shooting by having an extensive and highly trained service team.


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